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“Master Audiences” in Meta create exclusive audience structures, ensuring scalability and controlled CAC

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By Sujith Raju Ambati | Lead, Business Strategy & Analytics

In Meta, structuring “Interest & Behaviour” audiences in a fashion where audiences are mutually exclusive gives you  great scope of scaling without hampering CAC. But let’s understand how missing this basic tip can hamper the growth of the account.

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While planning the structure for a brand targeting “Indian Persona” in the international market, we arrived at several different relevant cohorts. Our intention of finding different behaviors of Indians lead to many different types of audiences such as: South Indian interests, North Indian interests , Indian behavior such as pickles, temples etc. , Cricket Fans, Bollywood Fans, Indian Music Fans & more. We segregated the audiences (and ad-groups) based on these persona signals. 

All audiences picked well in starting however in a month’s time while trying to scale, all audiences started giving us a high CPL.


Realizing that there is a huge overlap between the several audiences we created, we created 3 master audiences as follows:

  • South singers + Carnatic + South actors + South locations
  • North singers +  Channels + Locations
  • Parenting + Cricket

Going forward, whenever we came up with a new type of audience, we cross checked it with the master audiences. This helped us to take action on whether the new audience is really capable or eligible for a new adset/campaign or should it be merged with the old one only.


With help of mutually exclusive structure, we were able to scale the campaigns by a whopping 6X while improving the CPL by 17%.

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