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Urban Company – Success Story


2X Scale In a Quarter While Keeping CAC Under Guardrail Across Several Categories

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About the Client

Urban Company is the fastest-growing startup in India and a marketplace for local services. It helps customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs across India. Half of the company’s bookings come via its mobile app, and the company is noticing an increasing amount of mobile traffic.

Customer Website:

Lifestyle & Retail (E-commerce)

Products Used:
Google, Facebook

Technologies Used:
Proprietory ‘Data Intelligence Platform’, Data dashboard,
Custom attribution, Ad automation

Overview infographic

The Overview:

Urban Company (UC), with a diverse offering base across Categories ranging from AC to Salon, had multiple objectives while ensuring that performance budget is optimized at all levels: Categories, Channels/Platforms, Funnels and Creative. While “AC” needed an immediate scale because of seasonal demand, categories such as “Salon”, “Cleaning” and “Repair” needed a sustainable push.

Objective infographic

The Objective:

The objective for this performance campaign was divided into two-fold:

-To scale immediately to tap the sudden splurge in “AC Service & Repair” demand in summer season while keeping CAC under control

-To drive other categories to ensure sustainable growth throughout the year

Strategy inforgraphic

The Strategy:

One big piece of the objective puzzle for UC was to act well on “Pareto Principle” to identify those best 20% opportunities across dimensions to deliver the 80% of the result. This translated into delivering and acting on “Live Strategy” with help of “Intelligent Data Models” and “Smart Execution Processes”.

In essence the objective:
Intelligent Data Models + Smart Execution Process = Sweetest spots for maximum CR

ET Medialabs’ Approach:
A detailed strategy was charted out keeping in mind the variety of offerings under the UC umbrella. Here ET Medialabs’ proprietary “Data Intelligence Platform” turned out to be very helpful to deliver the intended business objective. The data dashboards built on the platform with “Top” as well as “Meticulous” views helped everyone to identify the live opportunities of scaling while leaving no scope of ad-wastage in this complex grid of Categories, Sub-Categories, Audiences and Creaitves.

Execution infographic

The Execution:

-A thoughtful combination of “Platform Driven” and “Category Driven” campaigns on Google & Facebook

-To avoid any performance going to waste and constantly monitor real-time impact, we designed hierarchical data dashboards for live reporting, planning and execution

-Careful planning of budget distribution amongst Categories (AC, Salon, Repair, Cleaning & Others), Channels (UAC Vs. Facebook Vs. OEMs and others) and funnels (Prospecting Vs. Retargeting)

-Working on design and content insight driven out of ET Medialabs’ “Creative Framework: Action Offer Proposition” across dimensions such as Categories, Sub-categories and Asset Formats

-Process driven QC checks to not leave any space for executional errors

-Constant measurement, standardized reporting, and analysis were set in place not only to minimize ad-wastage but to identify effective scaling opportunities

-Agile decisions based on data and timely execution with automated dedicate bandwidth to improve performance every day

The Results

2X scale with 45% optimized CAC

urban company

“The support and insights we constantly received from ET medialabs team helped us to solve the complex Growth problem with ease. Their data-led approach, functional experts and flawless execution helped UC to not only achieve immediate targets but also to set-up the sustainable growth path for future


– Manikanth
Director Marketing, Urban Company

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