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Get real-time “custom” dashboards and Automated Reports right at your fingertips

Stitch Google Analytics, Search Console, CRM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads & other DBs to uncover growth opportunities hidden in your data- stitched in real-time.

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Data-driven subjective prescriptions

How about having someone who will be prescribing you continuously hacks and actionable insights for your digital growth.

With the help of our tool Adbytzz, this step is possible. Now, receive a subjective list of actionable insights to drive your ROI of paid and organic efforts towards the pinnacle.

Automate your Analysis ET Medialabs

Automate your analyses

Frustrated because of the enormous data to crunch and get useful insights on a daily basis or want hourly reports for detailed analyses. Different problems one solution – Adbytzz.

Automate most of your analyses and get them right in your mail-box. Not only that, now conclude 40 hours in-depth analysis in 4 hours via custom reports and dashboards on Google Sheet/ Tableau without having to look into your Facebook business manager, GA and CRM.

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Realtime mapping of Search Queries

Now broaden your horizon by learning the Search Queries (source of the user) and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

With the real-time mapping of the CRM conversions and Search queries, you will be able to ascertain your “Cost per Qualified Lead(CPQL)”, and also “Cost per Sale”. The era of optimizing on your “Cost per Lead” is long gone, now take your actionable decisions on a much exhaustive and elaborative metrics- Cost per Qualified Lead(CPQL) and Cost per Sale.

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Custom Attribution Modelling

Don’t know which attribution model deems fit for your business model. Alternatively, are you looking at the wrong direction during scaling due to default attribution models?

Now scale on the right campaigns that generate quality leads. Through custom attribution model perfectly crafted for your user types, campaign objectives and targeting group optimize for the right campaign, perfect adgroups and best ads.

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No Data Sampling

Do you know that Google Analytics samples the data beyond 500k sessions for your website at any time duration? Moreover, any decisions taken from sampled reports will be haywire, and analyses will be flawed.

So, are you wondering that you have derived substantial conclusions for your business based on wrong numbers?

Fear not, these can be reversed. Through our in-house proprietary tool, Adbytzz get the exact numbers and optimize the campaigns accordingly.

Automate your analysis ET Medialabs

Automated Reports

Are you worried because of generating several reports for different needs of different persons?

Whether it is your CEO, CMO or and any partner get the personalized reports for your various and diverse needs right into your mail-box. Get automated reports according to different depths of your data brewed specially for your plethora of needs.

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Case Studies

Mamaearth-Success Story (Website)

Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for Mamaearth

Slurrp Farm – Success Story

Getting it ROIght through Growth Advertising for Slurrp Farm

Urban Company – Success Story

2X Scale In a Quarter While Keeping CAC Under Guardrail Across Several Categories

Don’t Take Our Word for It

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“The team at ET Medialabs was a delight to work with. Their data-led approach, top-notch standardized reporting, and sharp analysis made the launch of Kapiva’s Skin Foods a success. With them, we were also able to build strong awareness for the brand.”

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“Their sharp data-led approach and intrinsic understanding of performance marketing channels has helped us in acquiring quality customers and scaling up our marketing efforts.”


“With them, ET Media Labs we’ve learned a lot about how people use our site and what stops them from trying our product.”

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“If you’re serious about getting the best results, then they are the number-one choice undoubtedly.”

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