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4 pillars of Adbytzz that enables
everything behind the wheel

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Data Models


Ad Signals

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Dashboards by Adbytzz

Single Source Of Truth For Our Clients With Unified
Data from Ad Networks, Analytics, Offline Channels and CRM

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  • Find CAC for campaigns & channels
  • Find out what offers acquire high value customers
  • Find LTV of different channels
  • Identify product attracting high value customers
  • Brand strength change over a time period
  • Know the engagement level your visitors
  • Find return on ad spend for campaigns and channels
  • Shopping stage funnel of brand campaigns

Dashboards to slice and dice

We build & share centralised dashboards for robust monitoring & deeper insights..

E-Mail reports

We schedule daily reports to all stake holders to keep everyone updated on key metrics.

Automated alerts

Our team recieves automated alert when any key metric behaves abnormally.

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Data Models by Adbytzz

Access In-Depth Analyses Used By
Top Digital Brands In Your Industry


Rather than just relying on ROAS and Cost ...

Rather than just relying on ROAS and Cost per Purchase to be the final metric to optimise and scale channels, we look at 3 month LTV and 3 month CAC of the channels to decide on where to invest in a more informed manner. They become north star metric for our clients

RTO and Net ROAS

Just the Gross ROAS is half the picture ...

Just the Gross ROAS is half the picture. With this analyse, we are able to monitor Returns, RTO & Cancelation for different ads, audiences, keywords creatives, campaigns & Channels and calculate Net ROAS

Offline Attribution

When you run online campaigns for lead ...

When you run online campaigns for lead generation and sales happen via offline means, it becomes crucial to attribute those conversions to the campaigns for leverage. Adbytzz enables such analysis for clients who have a significant portion of offline sales

Lead Grading

When you generate thousands of leads ...

When you generate thousands of leads per day, grading of leads into multiple quality-wise buckets based on website behaviour before filling the form becomes quite useful in prioritising the leads to be attended. We deploy personalised lead grading for our advertisers to avoid missing of atttending good quality leads by the sales team

Product-wise ROAS

Looking at product level metrics helps in ...

Looking at product level metrics helps in figuring out which products are attracting acquisition at lower CACs. This helps in devising the creative strategy the data-driven way so that we can scale the right ads for our clients

Brand Impact

Gone are the times when Branding campaigns ...

Gone are the times when Branding campaigns were being measured with leading metrics like impression, reach, cost per reach and frequency metrics. In today's time, those metrics are not sufficient to scale branding as they don't indicate anything on the end business outcome of those efforts. Here at ET Medialabs, using Adbytzz we are able to measure Lagging KPIs (business impact) like Repeat Customer Rate, Brand Search Impressions, Non Brand CTR, Average Time Lag (ATL), First Click Revenue and more to evaluate impact on Revenue or near end metrics.

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Ads Signals by Adbytzz

1st party data + Accurate Insights = Happy Marketers

Creative Feed

Using pixel-only events for running ads are badly impacting our advertisers’ conversion tracking on iOS and browsers with increased restriction on 3rd party cookies. Adbytzz comes with plug-n-play feature that feeds custom offline events to many ad networks via server-to-server integration with which ET Medialabs has been able to provide reduced CAC and thereby faster growth. In fact, ET Medialabs is one of the first agencies to use it.

events adbytzz

Using Adbytzz, we are able to build Intelligent Lookalikes and Remarketing audiences using events based on first party data across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and other ad channels to power personalised targeting. This helps in bettering ad optimisation by around 30% that helps in reducing CAC and scale more sustainably than standard pixel events.

adbytzz audiences

Adbytzz helps in feed correction with an artificial intelligence powered methodology used to determine the optimization criteria of the catalog feeds for Google, Meta and other ad channels and accordingly corrects the base feed for all channels for maximized results on Dynamic Ads.

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Attribution by Adbytzz

Custom Attribution Model
To Measure True Incrementality

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Real Time Attribution

When it comes to real large advertisers especially during Sale period, even the standard lag from Google/FB APIs (that are in hours) hurt our monitoring and optimisation because they are generally limited lime campaigns with spurt spending. To be on top of our game, we enable parallel tracking of first-party web-behaviour data through our own Pixel that helps in attributing conversions to campaigns in real time.

Custom Attribution

Just the last-click data do not show the complete picture when the conversion journey is multi-click in nature. Through Adbytzz’ attribution engine, we are able to provide first-click data off the shelf that assigns 100% of the credit for a sale to the first channel that a user clicked through. However, some users convert after multiple interactions during their journey to purchase for which we develop custom models to measure incrementality.

Offline Store Attribution

When you run online campaigns and sales happen via offline means such store or sales, it becomes crucial to attribute those conversions to the campaigns for leverage. Adbytzz enables such attribution for clients who have a significant portion of offline sales.

Case Studies

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Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for Mamaearth

Slurrp Farm – Success Story

Getting it ROIght through Growth Advertising for Slurrp Farm

Urban Company – Success Story

2X Scale In a Quarter While Keeping CAC Under Guardrail Across Several Categories

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