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What value you can expect in this audit?

A free assessment, including a final grade, on your Facebook Advertising performance. We’ll give you a detailed review of the following areas:

How you stack up against competitors in your industry

Best (and worst) performing ads in your account

Your ad wastage

Audiences you should be targeting

Best practice checks for your account

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Save Ad Spend – up to 40%

The Facebook Ads report can show you, at a glance, your account’s status and other important aspects. The tool tracks data for the last 90 days which makes it easier to spot if the performance is on the right track.

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View each Audience’s performance

The report includes information about each type of campaign and compares the performance of the audience you are targeting. This enables you to make informed decisions about the Audience budget adjustments and distribute the budget based on performance.

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Reduce the budget loss

Discover how much budget was spent on underperforming audiences, and how much more budget is estimated to have gone waste. This will enable you to spend your budget on the best quality audiences and Ads.

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Relevance score

The Relevance Score section of the report includes the average Relevance Score of your ads. This value can have a major impact on your ROI. By improving it you can lower your costs.

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Did you know our Robot checks your Facebook Ads account in 50+ areas?

Many of our partner brands started with a free Facebook Ads audit.

Create better ads

Determine which ads are working better for your account and how good is their performance. Have an insight into what exactly attracts your customers to create more effective ads.

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E-commerce: Best performing brands

See which are your best converting brands and make use of this info to increase your sales. The audit will let you know which brands should be promoted more and which ones should be advertised less or excluded from the campaigns.

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E-commerce: Best performing products

The ABC Analysis is the best way to check the performance of batches of products. Usually, in Facebook accounts, 10% of the products generate 80% of the total revenue. The ABC analysis categorizes your products into three different groups according to their costs and generated revenue.

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Time slots optimisation

The time slots will allow you to optimize your campaigns and increase the number of conversions your store has. Instead of having a flat CPC throughout the day, now you can increase the maximum amount you are willing to spend for a click exactly when the conversion rate is higher and decrease it when no one is buying.


Best practices

The audit also includes Best Practices section to help and guide you to take the best decisions regarding your account’s performance.

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