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India's only “Performance First Mindset” creative agency combining the strengths of technology with human creativity

We design Performance Creatives that convert


digital disruptor brands
who trust us


performance creative frameworks and data models


and more improvement
in conversion rates

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Leading digital disruptor brands for whom we optimised creative, and growth

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Why choose ETML studio over any traditional
creative agency?



to quickly experiment and scale the right creative


Data driven

to rely on data based optimisation calls over intuition


Result oriented

to focus on winning customers over awards

In the era of broad targeting, creative has become an important lever to optimise the performance of AI driven campaigns.

Here is how at ETML studio, we design creative to do much more than just communicating with the right audience.


Identifying right audience which converts


Improvement in CTR


Reduction in CAC

Challenge: To identify “Blue Collared Employees” via automated Google UAC (Universal App Campaigns) with no audience settings available for a leading Fintech App

To know how creative helped us to only bring the right audiences in the funnel:

Identifying right product which acquires


Increase in NCA


Contribution in NCA

Challenge: An interesting but not important product category of meat spread was being ignored by algorithms of automated campaigns when compared to  focus categories for a meat delivery app

To know how creative helped to bring out the “Hidden Product Category” to be the fastest growing  category in acquisitions:


Identifying right inventory which delivers


Increase in leads in Instagram


Reduction in CPL

Challenge:To divert budget from Facebook to Instagram while running automated placement in campaigns for a Home Painting Solution lead-gen brand .

To know how we used creative to divert budget to performing inventory without compromising CPM:

We know the nuances of performance creatives and experiment with
agility across 50+ dimensions of a creative

Without ETML Studio


With ETML Studio


“Performance creative requires a different mindset driven by data and fueled by innovation which we found at ETML Studio.

They understand performance like no one does and that's clearly visible in their creative approach as well which prioritise conversion over anything. Their balanced team of bright creative minds, data engineers and performance marketers deliver beyond creative; they deliver business insights and scaling opportunities wrapped in creative.”


Mr. Prathamesh Dembla

Growth Leader (Ex Head, Growth at Licious, Milk Basket)

Rather than believing in “It doesn't give me a kick”, we go by
“Conversion is poor” while deciding on a creative.

Our advanced creative dashboards leverages the power of data analytics to uncover
insights, optimize campaigns, and drive ROI.

Ad Fatigue Monitoring Framework to ensure ad strength is maintained
with daily reports of creative asset performance


Want to achieve the maximum potential of digital advertising?

Get your digital creative screened via our proprietary creative frameworks and  immediately identify the creative roadblocks holding your growth.

Here is what all we deliver during creative screening:

  1. 2-3 data based insights  to immediately unlock growth
  2. Conducted by best creative minds along data engineers and performance experts
  3. Competitors’ creative mapping
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Frequently Asked Questions
I already have a creative agency to develop my brand films. Do I need another agency for only performance creative?
Any brand in its growth phase, primarily driven by digital presence and data first approach needs a “performance first mindset” creative partner over traditional creative approach. It needs completely different skills and mindset to prioritise conversion over impression.
What all kind of content does ETML studio design?
We design it all on earth which can acquire a customer for you: from all creative assets ranging from banners/images to carousel to video to dynamic ads to text ads and all creative format ranging from UGC to Meme to BAUs (Business As Usual) creatives
Do I get the custom data dashboards along your creative services?
To develop deep data driven insights, we completely rely on custom and advanced creative dashboards which are part of our creative offering and services.
Why Data-Driven creative matters?
In today's competitive landscape, decisions can't be made on intuition alone. Our approach leverages the power of data analytics to uncover insights, optimize campaigns, and drive ROI. Every creative element is strategically chosen to resonate with your target audience, ensuring maximum impact.
How do you ensure to deliver quality creative at speed?
With help of AI driven tools clubbed with human creativity and more than a decade experience of growing performance first brands, we have a balanced approach when it comes to quality vs. quantity. While data and technology help us to speed up and focused, our best creative minds bring the touch of customisation and relevance.
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