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Mamaearth-Success Story (Website)


December. 15, 22


Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for Mamaearth


Mamaearth is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. It offers the best-in-class skincare products to help you discover the essence of beauty with the Goodness of Nature.

Customer Website:


Products used:

Technologies Used:
Data Dashboard, Ad Automation,
Data Stitching, Full Funnel Visibility

challenge infographic

The Challenge:

Scattered data across multiple platforms was proving to be a major obstacle
when it came to the brand’s overall growth. Moreover, the brand was
struggling to optimize its performance because of:
– Lack of availability of real time, actionable data
– Low visibility of actual numbers coming from Sampling
– Manual stitching of data leaving scope for human error

Objective infographic

The Objective:

The primary objective for the brand was to identify a way that can bring data
which was scattered across different platforms, devices, and sources to a
commonplace. Hence, leading to easy consumption and analysis of data.

Strategy inforgraphic

The Strategy:

We were tasked to meticulously design a process that would lead to efficient
cross platform & full funnel data stitching in order to achieve a standardized
template for data analysis. This was done with an aim to derive actionable
insights. A complex structure was implemented that involved major pillars
like EasyInsights, a marketing data intelligence platform, Pixel
implementation, Real time LND attribution along with other advanced

Execution infographic

The Execution:

We implemented a marketing data intelligence platform, EasyInsights, that
helped us to make repetitive hits to the Google Analytics API, gather and store unsampled data in our digital warehouse. Also, the data was collected
from all ad platforms through API hits.

Since GA data has some latency in reflecting real-time numbers at large scale,
we had also done a pixel implementation on Mamaearth’s website through which we were able to directly track purchases on the website on a real time basis. Using this data, we were able to provide them with dashboards and accurate data so that they have clear visibility of these numbers during Flash sales and are able to track their ROI on an immediate basis.

In addition to this, we used Real-time LND attribution of the website orders. These attribution models were built on the basis of cookie ID and Session ID – which were being stored for all users and all sessions.

Not only that, but we also put in place certain advanced algorithms that are usually unavailable on any other platforms. Based on these algorithms, we were able to allocate marketing spends against different products. Based on these costs and revenue generated from the products, we were able to map ROI against each product/category/sub-category. These algorithms were brainstormed along with the Mamaearth team in order to determine the marketing spends corresponding to each product and the subsequent revenue brought in, and it eventually turned out to be an extremely beneficial tool for the overall campaign’s success.

This holistic visibility enabled us to observe real time attribution and in turn,
greatly empower their flash sales. This full-funnel data visibility also helps us
decide the optimum product mix as well as the appropriate product pricing.
Besides real-time data, we were also able to identify the products/categories
which were generating more ROI than others and we were able to balance
our product mix accordingly. It helped in generating category mix insights
which otherwise might have been overlooked. In addition, it allows better
inventory management by predicting the demand of each product/category.

The Results

20% increase in system efficiency

Our initiative helped Mamaearth to analyze marketing performance across
aspects that eventually helped them increase their marketing ROAS and
overall scale

Since the data was made available on a real-time basis, the entire
decision-making and optimisation was without any time delay. This
eventually helped in the plugging of ad wastage and leakages.

Growth rate increased due to increase in efficiency and this helped catapult
Mamaearth to greater heights and become a household name in the entire


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