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Atomberg (Branding) – Success Story


April. 19, 23


About the Client

Atomberg is in the business of revolutionizing India's home appliances, by solving one problem at a time.

Customer Website:

Hyperlocal Delivery (E-Commerce)

Products used:
YouTube for Reach, YouTube VAC

Technologies Used:
Ad Automation, YouTube CAT report & Daily Reporting Dashboards

challenge infographic

The Context:

Atomberg, a successful brand largely known for selling fans, forayed into the kitchen appliances category with the launch of its mixer grinder range: Atomberg MG1, with the core proposition being ‘a range of speeds for a range of foods’.

case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

The objective was clear, to build awareness and consideration for Atomberg MG1 amongst an audience that is not only affluent but also based out in strategic geographies that would eventually bring about a baseline shift in the Atomberg MG1’s overall market demand.

case study infographic-strategy

The Strategy:

Arriving at the audience, was of utmost importance and we further broke down the approach in two parts:

-Identifying the right geos: To arrive at the right geos, we put in use an outside in approach. We first looked at the category search volume data of each state, then looked at the performance campaign data to analyze impressions of those states and subsequent cities, and finally, arrived at the cities, further clubbing them in three different clusters.

-Identifying the right audience signals: It was imperative to reach an audience that reflected a higher propensity to engage with the brand’s communication and its offering. Hence, we meticulously identified a few audiences that belonged to various affinities, in markets and even custom curated a list of line up audiences. We also utilized a Custom intent audience, which was crafted using the brand, category and competitor keywords.

In essence ETML’s strategy: Right Audience Signals + Right Geos = Influx of the most quality audience into the funnel

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

After arriving at the correct audience, a suitable mix of inventory was also decided upon to move forward with in order to extract maximum value out of the branding campaign.

Non Skippable Ads were deployed initially, followed by Skippable as an inventory, in order to achieve efficient results, while keeping the CPM on a lower end. To further the relevancy of the audience design, filters on HHI and others were also put in place. V4Action campaigns were deployed as well to capitalize on the engaged audiences via branding campaigns with an aim to increase the engagement within the deeper funnel events.

Brand Lift Study (BLS) was initiated in order to analyze and understand the positive impact of the campaign on the brand in real time.

The Results

31.3% Relative lift : Awareness

18% Relative lift: Consideration


"Atomberg believes in the video first approach & YouTube has always been a channel of choice when it comes to driving awareness. It played a crucial role in doing so for our newly launched Mixer Grinder- Atomberg MG 1"


–Ankita Chinnawar,
Digital Marketing Manager, Atomberg


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