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Slurrp Farm – Success Story


July. 25, 22


Getting it ROIght through Growth Advertising for Slurrp Farm

Slurrp Farm

About the Client

Slurrp Farm is a millet-based packaged food brand started in 2016 by two mothers, Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik, to offer healthy eating options for children. The idea was to bring back super grains such as bajra, jowar and ragi into their diet.

Customer Website:


Products used:

Technologies Used:
Data Dashboard, Ad Automation,
Audience Insight

challenge infographic

The Challenge:

The challenge for the brand was divided into two folds:

  • Brand operating at low revenue streams
  • Brand had limited awareness in the market
case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

The primary objective was to scale Slurrp Farm’s business by increasing the month on month revenue along with a constant effort to maintain the ROAS. Another objective that ran parallelly was to build awareness for the brand but by using avenues generally used for performance.

case study infographic-strategy

The Strategy:

Slurrp Farm is the maker of healthy food for children. All products are made using supergrains like millets and have zero artificial additives. The products are meant for quick consumption and have a short shelf life. This means that for sustained business growth, the brand needed consumers to purchase products regularly. Hence, there was a clear need to establish loyalty.

In essence ETML’s strategy:
Optimised Performance Campaigns across funnels + Performance Branding = Sustained Growth for the Brand

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

An effective combination of website conversion campaigns and catalogue campaigns were used to serve the brand while keeping both primary and secondary objectives in mind.

A separate campaign to acquire users in the MOF stage was deployed. Brand films
featuring celebrities like Sameera Reddy, Soha Ali Khan, Ranvijay Singh, and Tahira

Kashyap were launched to build brand presence in the minds of consumers. Apart from this, identifying and experimenting with various audiences and finally narrowing down on the audience that worked well for the brand proved to be key in the success of multiple campaigns.

The Results

140%+ Website Revenue Increased

85% Scaled up budgets

200% Increase in Brand Search Volume

Slurrp Farm

“The team at ET Medialabs has been key in executing our business objectives and seeing them through. The team helped us in scaling our campaigns, increasing our website revenue and building awareness for the brand. We look forward to our collaboration in achieving sustainable growth.


– Shradha Tripathi
Head of Revenue, Slurrp Farm


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