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Kapiva – Success Story


Driving Full Funnel Awareness For Kapiva’s Newly Launched Skin Foods Glow Mix.

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About the Client

Kapiva is a modern ayurveda, direct-to-consumer, brand as per its vision to tap into the skin care market, forayed into ingestible skin foods category with the launch of Skin Foods-Glow Mix.

Customer Website:

Modern Ayurveda

Products Used:
Youtube, Instagram,

Technologies Used:
Ad sequencing, Audience Insights,
Keyword generator, Weekly Reporting

challenge infographic

The Overview:

Kapiva, a modern ayurveda, direct-to-consumer, brand as per its vision to tap into the skin care market, forayed into ingestible skin foods category with the launch of Skin Foods-Glow Mix.

Kapiva conceptualised brand films featuring Malaika Arora to promote its latest product by reaching the most relevant consumer. All this by leveraging performance branding to its full potential.

case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

The objective for this branding campaign was divided into two-fold:

-To create awareness for the newly launched Kapiva’s Skin Foods Glow Mix amongst the most relevant consumer segment

-To drive traffic to Kapiva’s D2C platform in order to increase the influx of users deep into the funnel with an aim to kickstart sales

case study infographic-strategy

The Strategy:

One big piece of the objective puzzle for Kapiva was to reach not only maximum people but also reaching the right people, at the right time, and with the right messaging. The entire plan was curated by keeping an “Effective Reach” in mind. This effective reach when coupled with stable frequency delivers significant awareness

In essence the objective:
Effective Reach + Stable Frequency = Brand Space in the minds of Consumers

ET Medialabs’ Approach:
We charted out a detailed strategy keeping in mind the uniqueness of the product in question. A strong product backed by effective communication needs an effective and meticulous planning to deliver the intended business objective. Hence, reaching the right audience and hitting them with an optimum frequency helped us in achieving our objective of creating significant brand space in the minds of consumers.

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

-Deployed a combination of Youtube + Facebook + Instagram to reach our all women target group.

-To avoid any branding budget going to waste, we meticulously designed our detailed audience cohorts using custom keywords, affinities, and other interest behavior audiences relevant to our product belonging to the skincare beauty segment.

-To constantly monitor real-time branding impact, Brand Lift Study (BLS) and Search Lift Study were conducted both on Google and Facebook translating into significant positive results for the brand.

-Careful planning of budget distribution amongst channels and inventories such as Bumper, Non-Skippable & Skippable ads.

-VAS (Video ad sequencing) was effectively used to hit consumers at all stages of their journey with optimum frequency.

-Video action campaigns were set parallelly to tap into the deep funnel audiences via branding campaigns.

-Constant measurement, standardized reporting, and analysis were set in place to keep an eye on to gauge overall branding impact not only on D2C website but also across all marketplaces.

-Full funnel visibility at ET Medialabs helped the brand to make effective decisions along the way to improve performance every step of the way.

The Results

33% jump in Brand Awarenes

840% Search lift for the brand

Product revenue contribution increased by 2x

Kapiva Logo - mini

“The team at ET Medialabs was a delight to work with. Their data-led approach, top-notch standardised reporting, and sharp analysis made the launch of Kapiva’s Skin Foods a success. With them, we were also able to build strong awareness for the brand.”


– Shantanu
Chief Operating Officer, Kapiva Ayurveda

“Our Product, Glow Mix, launched in January is one of our big success stories. It was launched in January and has already been scaled to almost $100,000 a month which makes it a huge success.”


– Ameve Sharma
Founder, Kapiva

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