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Licious – Success Story


Licious closed the gap with offline conversions and reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 45% on Google UAC.


About The Client

Licious is a major quality meat retailer which commands both offline and online presence. It has a vast distribution network and fully developed app and web ecosystems.

Customer Website:



F&B Retail (E-commerce)

Technologies Used:

Data Stitching, Offline Conversions,
Full Funnel Data and Daily Reporting

Products Used:

EasyInsights.ai & Adbytzz

The Challenge.

Licious was not able to scale Universal App Campaigns at a permisible CAC, their focus areas were :

  • Bring more Quality Users to Platform
  • Increase App Installs
  • Increase ROI
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

What we did

Optimising for Acquisitions, not for Purchase

Focusing on the primary objective to bring more quality customers to the ecosystem; rather than optimizing for purchase, we focused on acquisitions to increase the customer base. To achieve this new custom events were created which fired whenever a new acquisition was detected.

Creative Personalisation

Creatives play an essential role in creating a brand image in the subconscious mind of the consumers. We analysed and explored hundreds of creatives based on funnel stage, region, category and many other factors to find the best fit for each customer. This improved our conversion rate significantly and drove up acquisitions

Leveraging Customisation

Currently, very few customisation options are available while running a universal app campaign on Google. We worked very closely with Google’s ad team to activate the channel customisation option for our campaigns. Targeting a few campaigns to run ads on specific channels like youtube helped us to get better returns and reduced ad wastage.

Finding Events for optimization

Purchase isn’t the only metric one should focus on to drive more sales. We found multiple events highly correlated with purchase (like atc and checkout initiated) and optimised for them which improved the scale of our campaigns.

Device ID exclusions

To reduce ad wastage and refrain campaigns from targeting already targeted customers we used device id exclusion feature available in google UACe campaigns. With the exclusion feature we were able to reduce the repeat rate significantly.

The End Results

3X increase in Acquisitions | 4X increase in installs
Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 45%

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    “ET Medialabs with their sharp data-led approach and their intrinsic understanding of performance marketing channels has helped us in acquiring quality customers and scaling up our marketing efforts. Google’s Universal App Campaigns has worked very well for us to drive significant growth at an efficient cost.”


    Mr. Prathamesh Dembla

    Head of Growth, Licious

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