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KisanKonnect – Success Story


April. 17, 23


About the Client

KisanKonnect a farmer-producer company with an extensive integrated network of farms, KisanKonnect, primarily an app-based brand, is headquartered in Navi Mumbai. Founded in April 2020, KisanKonnect has delivered fresh farm products to over 250,000 customers across the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Over the years, the company has grown and now has a plethora of products ranging from fresh farm produce to staples, cold-pressed oils, homemade snacks, and dry fruits.

Customer Website:

Hyperlocal Delivery (E-Commerce)

Products used:
Meta & Google

Technologies Used:
Ad Automation & Daily Reporting Dashboards
Audience Insight

challenge infographic

The Challenge:

The challenge for the brand was divided into two folds:

  • Scaling the Performance marketing engine

    Because of the skyrocketing CAC, the brand was not able to scale as per its required business objective and hence, the scale of the business was inching towards a flatline.

  • Quality Acquisitions

    It was important to not only acquire more customers but also to focus on the quality of acquisitions with an aim to strengthen its repeat transactions. The presence of direct and indirect competitors with competitive offers made it even more difficult to maintain quality customers entering the funnel.

case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

To overcome the challenges, the primary objective was to significantly scale the overall system, month on month, by increasing the performance marketing contribution of the brand in its overall marketing budget. And, thereby keeping a close check to maintain efficiency when it came to the Cost of acquisitions and quality installs a critical task, in the competitive space in which the brand operates.

case study infographic-strategy

The Strategy:

The primary channels of choice for the brand were UAC (Google) and META. We focused separately on both platforms in order to arrive at a strategy that translated into efficient results. On a broader level, we broke down the strategy into two parts:

Inducing the right creative signals:
For an app-based client in this competitive category, it is of utmost importance that the system is given the right signals. Creatives played a critical role in doing just that. Seasonality-based creatives, specific product-based creatives and well-tested brand communication helped the brand scale its system.

Right Mix of Offers:
Optimizing at the right time with the right offer is key in this category to align marketing objectives with logistics. Nature as well as the duration of the offer becomes important to not only scale the system but also maintain the quality of acquisitions so that retention doesn't suffer.

In essence ETML’s strategy:
Inducing the Right Signals + Right Mix of Offers = Stable CAC & Quality acquisitions with a month-on-month scale

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

For UAC Campaigns we strategically optimized campaigns by making use of two critical levers: Identifying the different audience cohorts and effectively utilizing relevant creative signals.

Filling the top funnel with install optimized campaigns with correct in-app event signal and further optimizing the retargeting funnel to convert installers who were not moving further in the funnel, helped us to bring the CAC in range. This was done with a perfect balance between offer-led-BAU & Product/Category specific creatives was deployed to bring up the efficiency in the system wherein BAU creatives played a crucial role in scaling the system with a constant growth rate.

On META, we identified audiences, after an in depth analysis, with those who have a higher propensity for conversion. Geo-based targeting (on specific pin-codes) in accordance with the offline stores helped the brand in achieving the larger business objective. Lastly, strategic creative recommendations with unique LOCs, particularly offer-based video assets, resulted in bringing overall efficiency to the system.

The Results

2.5X Increase in scale

183%Increase in App Installs

142% Increase in Quality Acquisitions

CPI reduced by 25%

CAC reduced by 10.67%


"We were able to significantly increase our operating scale while keeping a strong check at our customer acquisition cost and the quality of acquisitions. The strategic planning and implementation of meticulous campaigns by ET Medialabs have truly helped us drive growth in our overall business and achieve impactful results."


–Nidhi Nirmal,
Business Head, KisanKonnect


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