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The Whole Truth Foods – Success Story


Sep 28, 23


About the Client

The Whole Truth is a 100% clean label brand that aims to rebuild the world’s trust in food, through 100% clean products, honest packaging, and creating educational content about food & fitness. The brand that started with protein bars has grown exponentially in a short span of time and now has multiple range of product lines- Protein bars, dark & milk chocolates, energy bars, cookies, peanut butter and many more.

Customer Website:

FMCG (E-Commerce)

Products used:
Amazon Ads

Technologies Used:
Helium 10 & Daily Reporting Dashboards

challenge infographic

The challenge:

The brand, despite being a relatively new player in the market, had risen up quickly on the back of its high quality products and loyal customer base. However, it had hit a roadblock with its amazon growth rate becoming stagnant along with the brand’s SOV, in the category, on Amazon.

case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

The objective for the brand was clear, which is to align the advertising strategy on Amazon in a way that will lead to a positive impact towards the overall organic brand growth on Amazon. This was pronounced further in two ways:

-To increase the overall month on month revenue at an optimum ROAS (pre defined)
-To increase market penetration with a category wise approach, starting with Protein bars, first flagship product range by The Whole Truth.

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

We brainstormed a hypothesis that amazon’s algorithm would promote that product organically which has the maximum purchases from a keyword. In order to do this, we figured out a number CPR (Cerebro Product Rank) a metric given by Helium 10 (an amazon advertising tool) which is how many products you would need to give away for free or discounted on Amazon over an eight (8) day period to rank your product with that keyword in your title on Amazon's page one for that specific search phrase or term.

● Next to leverage on the keywords with high volume we created a metric (Search Volume/CPR), and we selected the Top 6 relevant and high volume keywords in the protein bar category, and achieved the CPR number of sales on every keyword as shared by Helium 10, amazon advertising tool. We kept the high bids on the keywords to ensure a TOS > 50% and ensured campaigns to remain in budget throughout the day.

● We started SP, SB and SBV campaigns on the top 6 keywords and drove maximum purchases from these 6 keywords of protein bars. Leading to overall increase in SOV.

The Results

3X Increase in Brand Penetration on Amazon

50% Increase in revenue on Amazon

57% Increase in ROAS on Amazon


"We were able to significantly scale our spends on Amazon, while keeping a check at our customer acquisition cost and the quality of acquisitions. The meticulous planning and implementation by ETML team have truly helped us drive our brand’s growth on Amazon."


–Dhvanil Raval,
Entrepreneur in Residence, The Whole Truth Foods


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