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Spardha School of Music – Success Story


June. 19, 23


Utilizing YouTube to successfully drive Performance.
Scaling up Digital Performance with a reduction in the acquisition cost

Spardha School of Music

About the Client

Spardha is an innovative digital platform that offers online music education services. Spardha aims to establish a seamless virtual classroom experience, for learners to learn from the comfort of their homes. The US is a major market for the brand primarily because of the huge base of Indian diaspora willing to learn music from and closer to their heartland.

Online Music school (Lead Generation)

Products used:
Google- VAC

Technologies Used:

Ad Automation, Daily Reporting Dashboards

challenge infographic

The Challenge:

The brand had hit a roadblock scaling its lead generation campaigns and was looking to expand beyond the ordinary search campaigns trying to target Indians residing in the US.

There were primarily 2 major challenges:

  • -Low search volume: The search volume related in and around the category of ‘Indian Music classes’ was quite low in a mature market like the US. This led to a significant lower search volume for all the high intent keywords that the brand was trying to leverage
  • -Source of KW search: There was no way to identify if all high intent searches are coming from the Indian diaspora, a major target for the brand, based in the US
case study infographic-objective

The Objective:

The objective for the brand was clear, to expand beyond its regular search campaigns with an aim to scale up the digital advertising spends and therefore multiply not only the leads coming in, from the Indian diaspora based in the US, but also the bring in the efficiency in the cost per quality lead.

case study infographic-strategy

The Strategy:

A meticulous strategy was designed by keeping the consumers and their behavior at the core instead of just focusing on the surface level intent. Hence, a 2 layered strategy was adopted:

Expand the size of the TG without compromising on the relevance: To Increase the size of our TG, rather than probing their motives, we decided to target their Indian behavior. We tried to get to the root of what captures Indians' attention and to target that nostalgic factor. Things like temples, pickles, food, doctors, Bollywood fans, South Indian cuisine, and Bollywood movie stars, these grab the attention of Indian folks even if they are living abroad.

Identifying a scalable Platform and a product: It was imperative for the brand to identify an inventory that could provide scale to the brand without hitting a further wall. Hence, we utilized YouTube VAC i.e. Video Action Campaigns with “Custom Intent” audience built using keywords identifying “Indian Persona”.

In essence ETML’s strategy:
Expanding the TG + Identifying a scalable Platform-Product combination = Scaled System with an efficient CAC

case study infographic-Execution

The Execution:

A ‘Custom Intent’ audience was built by identifying keywords reflecting the ‘Indian Persona’ which was further targeted on the platform of choice. Creating a persona and then targeting similar audiences helped the company expand its TG and reach out to the most quality users with a propensity to engage with the brand.

The category that the company operates in requires some demonstration of their services to their prospective customers in order to gauge their trust in the company. Hence, moving forward with video creatives on YouTube was the obvious choice.

To ensure efficient results, video creatives were deployed in order to showcase the services to prospective customers, Hence, Video for Action campaigns were utilized with the intention of generating a higher percentage of quality leads and conversions.

The Results

11x- Scaled the digital business

33% CAC is reduced

Spardha School of Music

“We were able to significantly scale our performance marketing campaigns with a meticulous strategy that also helped us in reducing our customer acquisition cost The strategic planning and implementation of relevant campaigns by ET Medialabs has truly helped us achieve such colossal and impactful results.


– Saurabh Tomar,
Chief Marketing Officer, Spardha Learning Pvt. Ltd.


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