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Forest Essentials-Success Story (Branding)


September. 02, 20


Strategising Growth through Branding: Opening up Forest Essentials’ top funnel for future sales


Forest Essentials is an Indian cosmetics, skin care and perfume company specialising in Ayurvedic preparations for its products. It was founded in 2000 by Mira Kulkarni in New Delhi, India.

Customer Website:


Products used:

Technologies Used:
Ad Automation, Custom Attribution
Models and Daily Reporting Dashboards


The Challenge:

A decline in the, otherwise best in market, growth rate had started to become
a major issue for the luxury ayurveda brand. This was mainly because its
then current and extremely loyal audience had started to reach its saturation.


The Objective:

The primary objective for the brand was to increase the influx of new and
extremely high quality audiences into the funnel, thereby expanding the size
of the top of the funnel with an aim to improve brand’s performance in the
digital ecosystem.


The Strategy:

‘Effective Reach’ was the guiding principle in devising the strategy for the campaign. It was about reaching the right people who have a higher propensity to associated with the brand, the right product and the right communication.

After meticulous study of brand’s and its products’ performance along with making use of the Brand and Category Index, we arrived at Soundarya Radiance Cream as the right fit to utilized for this campaign.

In essence ETML’s strategy:
Right Audience + Right communication + Right Product = Positive influx of quality audience into the funnel


The Execution:

A combination of Skippable and Non-Skippable YouTube Campaigns optimized on CPM were employed in order to reach maximum people amongst our all women target Group.

The detailed cohort for the product belonging to the skincare beauty segment was carefully crafted using Custom Affinity audiences belonging to the same category. While designing this fresh audience, brand keywords and brand customer list was also excluded from the audience. To further the relevancy of the cohort so designed filters like Household Income and Device-level filters were also put in action.

Brand Lift Study (BLS), and Search Lift Study were conducted to monitor the impact of the campaign on the brand in real-time, which translated into positive results for the brand.

The budget distribution was carefully planned in order to bring in significant positive results.

Finally, the campaign was constantly monitored and analyzed in order to ensure proper implementation of the branding efforts.

The Results

3.17% Absolute Brand lift

+19000% Search Lift (Relative Lift)

₹ 0.18 – Cost Per Unique Reach


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