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Performance Branding can Help Improve your Brand Awareness by almost 3X. Here’s how

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In today’s competitive market, an organization’s brand image can be a powerful method of differentiation from the competition. A powerful brand image can increase sales volume and profits and give a personal touch to any product you sell. People’s perception of your brand largely depends on how you interact with your customers. Your marketing efforts need to be consistent but also highly personal and dynamic.

Performance branding is one of the most effective ways to build a brand image for your company or product. The domains of performance and brand are merging due to the advent of the digital era. This article will discuss why performance branding is critical to building a unique brand image that will help you stand out above the rest.

What is Performance Branding?

Performance branding refers to a multi-dimensional analysis that offers businesses quick, real-time insights about how their brand and product are perceived by the audience. Management and marketing for the company can use the results to respond immediately or take proactive measures. The measurement and quantification of brand performance is a sore spot and a sincere wish for many businesses. This issue is resolved by performance branding, which combines big data, artificial intelligence, and brand-strategic knowledge.

However, performance branding is different from performance marketing. Performance marketing is a well-known technique that aims to increase marketing effectiveness. Contrarily, performance branding offers a 360° perspective of the company, its customers, and its competitors. It enables you to evaluate the numerous advancements from all angles and utilize them as a framework for decisions.

How does Performance Branding work?

Performance marketing is used to obtain and evaluate the status of brand perception at various brand touchpoints. Utilizing stakeholder, employee, and consumer feedback, all market operations relevant to a brand are evaluated for effectiveness. Performance branding delivers insights on aspects like Brand persona, Brand Marketing, Brand Strength, Internal & Employer Branding, Brand Market Audit, and so on.

As a result, performance branding illustrates all-important company actions and their effects on the brand, customers of various ages, and competitive differences. It integrates knowledge about brand strategy with data-based facts produced by big data and artificial intelligence. The objective is to strengthen competitiveness, increase the brand’s earning potential, and make future planning more dependable.

Why does Performance Branding matter?

To unlock the true potential of digital media, performance marketing and brand marketing are not enough. Marketers cannot exclusively limit their attention to performance marketing or brand marketing – they must do both. Performance media has given rise to a transactional style of marketing that is fixated on statistics and only prompts customers to make a purchase or buy the product. Customers may find this annoying, weakening the already established brand basis or creating a weak starting point for new brands.

With performance branding, you can be sure that your advertising efforts will encourage purchases from customers by making them feel the brand is genuine, relevant, and engaging. It’s about enhancing brand equity and promoting conversions. To do this, one must have a thorough understanding of the brand and our target market and also know what makes a good creative

To maintain their relevance and draw in their target audience, brands must now go above and beyond. It is crucial to create a brand strategy that allows you to stand out from the competition and establish your brand image in the consumer’s mind. This brand strategy can be put into action by launching branding campaigns. A good branding campaign can help you put your brand’s story and message in front of an audience to increase brand recognition and awareness. Branding campaigns are a great opportunity for you to build or rebuild your brand’s image.

Due to the lack of proper brand identity, brands fail to leave an impact. The most prominent brand in the category typically gains from failure to display the brand identity. This explains why, while trying to grow the brand through Direct Response campaigns, advertisers must also establish the brand image through their creatives. The branding, which firmly imprints the name of the particular product in the consumer’s mind, will help promote the specific brand instead of the broad category. Therefore, performance branding can measure the response to this campaign. The results can be analyzed to tailor the campaign to the audience. This helps establish the brand in consumers’ minds and helps create a strong identity. 

How does Performance Branding help build your brand image?

Building a brand image is crucial for new and emerging brands and those operating in a crowded, cutthroat market with established rivals. Direct Response advertising can influence both performance and brand results. However, effective execution is still necessary: Advertisers should pay particular attention to how well their creative is optimized for mobile and how well their branding is communicated if they want to achieve their goals. Performance branding can help build and improve your brand image in more than one way:

  1. It fosters a relationship between your brand and your target audience. Performance branding aims to build relationships while advancing commercial objectives. It’s about creating a flexible plan that prioritizes the brand, develops long-term loyalty, uses the appropriate data creatively, and generates sales. It combines the secret of why people adore you with revenue growth.
  2. Performance branding makes access to the emotions behind why people love your product or service easier. It is about building a community and showing them what they miss out on by not buying your product. Instead of being transactional, it helps in leveraging the emotional connection. As a result of their preference for your brand over others, your brand’s reputation grows. It’s more likely that they will convert if you win over their hearts.
  3. Focus on creatives as good creatives can make your brand memorable. Memorability plays a large role in building your brand image and reputation. Performance marketing and brand creativity shouldn’t be separate. Performance marketing creatives should be influenced and driven by the overall brand creative. Something is wrong if the creative feel unconnected to the brand’s core values, messaging, and distinguishing characteristics. The better the creatives, the stronger the results.
  4. Brand image can also be improved by catering to different target audience segments. Not all consumers are the same, and they might also be unequal, so it is unfair to send them all the same message and same creatives. We won’t ever truly comprehend what our target customers require from us if we don’t have a true understanding of who they are. Since not all consumers are created equally, it is critical to understand both your existing and potential clients. Messages and products which are more specific and relevant can greatly increase the conversion rate.
  5. Lastly, a cost-per-mille (CPM) or cost-per-view (CPV) optimization strategy is used for branding campaigns. It’s crucial to consistently and carefully monitor your branding metrics to evaluate the success of your campaign based on how it’s affecting the client’s business. Full-funnel data greatly influence the success of your branding activities. This data can be gathered based on various Primary, Engagement, and Causatum KPIs. Read our article Establishing ROI of Branding spends in the digital space to know more. These brand metrics can be used to analyze your campaign and can be modified to improve your branding strategy.

Final Words

The measurement and quantification of brand performance is a primary concern for many brands. This issue is resolved through performance branding, which combines data with brand-strategic knowledge. Performance branding is important and strategic and benefits the company more than you think. Many businesses are apprehensive of measurement, not because of what it can reveal but because of what might force them to change or adapt. Therefore, performance branding is a comprehensive way to adopt a suitable strategy to grow your business.

We hope this article gave you insight into how performance branding can help you grow your business and build your brand image. We are as excited as you to start the performance branding journey. 

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