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Client: Atomberg

Category: Fans | Sector: Consumer Durables

Solving omnichannel marketing and attribution for Atomberg, driving business growth, both online and offline

Stitched user journey beyond D2C website to offline retail and market places, to establish the impact of digital marketing on overall business growth

79% increment in total orders

55% improvement in CAC

The Client

Atomberg, a revolutionary home appliance brand, has successfully disrupted the market for fans

Founded in 2012, Atomberg is one of the fastest-growing consumer durable brands in India. The brand is well known for disrupting a completely traditional category of ceiling fans with their smart and energy-efficient fans. Post which, the brand has entered into other home appliance categories such as mixer grinder and smart locks.

The Challenge

Establishing the impact of online campaigns in omnichannel world to drive overall business growth

Like any other consumer durable brand, Atomberg receives a significant portion of its business via off-website sales channels such as marketplaces and retail outlets. Over the years, the brand saw considerable growth pertaining to advertising done over digital platforms. Intuitively the brand also knew that digital marketing has not only positively impacted its website sales but also the sales across all other channels.  However, to plan the next phase of growth, It became imperative for them to quantify this impact of online campaigns on offline purchases. 

Ulitmately, the objective was not only to bring down the website CAC, but also to bring down the overall business CPO (Cost per order) of total purchases happening across website, marketplaces and retail stores.

The Solution

Stitch user journey from online to offline world for every user who comes back on the website to register the warranty after making the purchase

Before jumping to the solution, let’s understand the user journey in the case of Atomberg or any such similar consumer durable brand:


This is a very simplified version of the user journey. In reality, the user gets exposed to multiple ads across multiple ad-platforms (Meta, Google etc.) and makes several visits to the website and visits different products’ pages before making a purchase decision.

Omni-Channel Attribution

Enable full funnel journey (click to purchase) stitched with help of a unique user ID or cookie ID to establish a custom attribution model

All touchpoints of the user interaction with the website ( visits, purchase and/or warranty registration), their timestamps and UTMs (and any other crucial information)  were collected and the user journey was stitched against a unique ID (user ID or cookie ID, if the user ID is not available).


With the help of its proprietary tech tool Adbytzz, ETML team was able to establish the first touchpoint’s timestamp and UTMs (First Click) as well as the last touchpoint’s (before transaction touchpoint) timestamp and UTMs for the user (Last Click). Thus, stitching the journey from online to offline world.

Integrating offline conversions

Pass on all offline conversions back to ad panels to improve optimisation and thus, campaigns’ performance

Atomberg, being primarily driven by offline sales, has 3X more data points of offline conversions (purchase) than just online conversions. ETML integrates offline conversion data in a custom event back in the panel on which the campaigns were optimised. It helped campaigns’ to learn much faster and more accurately than earlier, in identifying a larger set of the target audience.

Advance Data Modeling

Designed data dashboards based on custom attribution model to establish deeper business insights to drive business growth

Based on the omnichannel attribution data, several advanced data models were built to bring out strong data insights around the business which led to the holistic growth of the account:

  1. First click optimisation: Based on first click, all those platforms, campaigns, and creatives were identified which helped a user in brand discovery. It threw a completely different picture than looking at performance solely based on Last Click. Accordingly, the budget was allocated to scale the right campaigns.
  2. Cross-category sale: Other than fans, the brand owns products in home appliance categories. With the help of data, the cross-category sales spillover was established between the top category (such as fans) vs. the smaller category (such as mixer grinder)
  3. Average sales cycle lag: The time lag from the first discovery to the final purchase to warranty registration was established by defining the average number of days a user takes between the initial click to the final purchase to finally returning to the website for warranty registration. This time lag helped the ETML team allocate sufficient time for any experiment before drawing conclusions.
  4. Correlation of top funnel event with bottom funnel conversion: For a brand like Atomberg which is primarily driven by offline sales, it is important to identify top funnel events which hold a strong correlation with bottom funnel conversion, as the online campaigns are primarily helping in brand discovery for users who end up purchasing the fan offline. The ETML team was able to establish the correlation of several top funnel events (such as Sessions, Engaged Sessions, Pageview>3, and Leads) to conclude which event actually helps in bringing bottom funnel conversions. Eventually, this has been set up as a regular experiment where the ETML team constantly experiments to zero down the top funnel event with the strongest correlation with conversion.


Established influence of online campaigns on overall growth which got robust with each passing month

The ETML team consistently worked to improve the richness of data and the robustness of the omnichannel data model month by month. With the support of Team Atomberg, more concrete results were achieved by focusing on the following two points:

  • Post-purchase, what percentage of customers come back to register the warranty on the website?
  • What is the average lag between purchase and warranty registration for any customer?
Table 1: Month on month influence of online campaigns on total purchase (online+offline)

The Result

Delivered better control and confidence in online spends to drive omnichannel business growth

With its data-driven approach to solving business growth and digital marketing for Atomberg, ETML was able to deliver:

  • 79% increment in total orders
  • 55% improvement in CAC

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Mr. Arindam Paul, Founding Member & Chief Business Officer,
Atomberg Technologies

 “At Atomberg, we believe in innovation and disrupting traditional approaches to bring value to end consumers. And so, we were looking out for a right digital marketing partner who looks at the bigger picture beyond simply executing digital campaigns. Our search for a data-strong partner ended with ETML, whose philosophy to question every status quo goes well with our brand ethos. Being an omnichannel brand, it was crucial for us to understand the impact of our digital efforts on offline sales. ETML not only activated the whole data to stitch the customer journey beyond online, but also helped us to set up simple dashboards to understand and take insights out of complex data.”

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